Pet Tinctures


Our CBD Pet Tincture is effective and fast-acting. Tincture is the best way to get the exact dose that is right for your pet. Each bottle contains an easy-to-use calibrated dropper so you know exactly how much you are giving your animals.


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CBD Original Pet Tincture:

2mg of CBD in per serving, 120mg CBD total. A whole-plant, full-spectrum hemp extract. All alcohol and water-soluble constituents of the hemp plant are represented in this oil: waxes, cannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, lipids, and more. This extract embodies the idea of the “entourage effect”, whereby the efficacy of CBD is enhanced by the presence of these other plant constituents. CBD Original is a microcosm of the hemp plant itself.

CBD Platinum Pet Tincture:

4mg of CBD per serving, 240mg CBD total. Our CBD Platinum is a broad-spectrum distillate, which is much higher in cannabinoids (CBD) and contains less plant material compared to our CBD Original. We use fractional distillation to create this high potency oil without resorting to harsh chemicals like some companies on the market.


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Original or Platinum

Original, Platinum

Olive Oil or MCT Oil



30ml Bottle