Hemp-Infused Culinary Oils


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OLA  (Irish for “oil”) –  Our premium line of all-natural gourmet hemp-infused culinary oils – 100mg each of CBD and CBG. Intentionally crafted hemp-infused culinary oils you can enjoy on their own or add to your next culinary creation. Three different infusions for your health and enjoyment.

Savor Sesame Ginger – Bring life to your vegetarian cuisine with Savor Ola. A delightful combination of sesame and ginger that can be drizzled over appetizers such as carrot tater tots, or transformed into a delectable vinaigrette toss with your favorite salad.

Bright Orange Cardamom – Let Bright Ola light up your meal as the flavors of citrus and cardamom spice magnificently play together to create a taste that is reminiscent of a beautiful summer day. Allow it to float on a yummy ginger mint or Lemondrop plum mocktail!

Toast Vanilla Walnut – Our vanilla Walnut Ola is an earthy toasted walnut oil blend with a touch of vanilla bean, adding just a kiss of sweetness that reminds you of a warm cup of coffee. toss with your favorite organic fruit such as blackberries, as a welcome addition to dessert time.


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Savor-Sesame Ginger, Bright-Orange Cardamon, Toast-Vanilla Walnut, Fresh Press-Olive and Hemp Oils